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Nike trail running shoes & more

The Pacific Northwest has no shortage of outdoor trails. Oregon is a prime example of this. Runners have an almost endless supply of trails. Eugene Gear Traders wants to make sure you’re equipped to keep your knees and feet happy while you explore. Based on their consignments, the most popular choice seems to be Nike trail running shoes. And they are a quality option. But I have other great options to share. An important note is that Eugene Gear Traders is a consignment-based shop. They may not have the newest or the exact model, but they will be able to offer a quality match or substitution at a fraction of the price if you’re on a tight budget.

Let’s dive in and go off the beaten path!

How The Shoes Were Picked

As you’ll see in the list below, I have focused on curating shoes that are highly recommended, offer premium features, and are endorsed by our friends as favorites. I won’t be diving into specs today, but if you need a deeper look into trail running shoes, feel free to reach out to Eugene Gear Traders. Now it’s time to get up and running!

Nike Trail Running shoes

Nike trail running shoes come in four different styles. The Pegasus from Nike is one of our favorite choices. There are two different versions of the Pegasus, standard or GORE-TEX. Being in the PNW, the GORE-TEX version is a great way to keep your feet dry when the iconic rainy season hits the area. Another honorable mention from the Nike trail running shoes line is the Wildhorse. The Wildhorse is geared toward durability and traction. If running in the desert or on rocky mountains is your thing, definitely take a look at these.

Hoka Trail Running Shoes

Hoka is a brand that has grown in popularity throughout the United States. Hoka offers a wide range of shoes. Their trail running shoes are no exception to the hype. They offer an impressively large selection. My favorite is Clifton 8. They are geared toward being an everyday trail running shoe. Clifton 8’s have neutral stability and a balanced cushion. They stay lightweight with an incredible cushion for an improved experience. Hoka does offer more aggressive shoes that are very much worth checking out.

On Trail Running Shoes

On is a shoe company that started in the Swiss Alps and is now blowing up around the Pacific Northwest. On has a mission of creating soft landings and explosive starts. I'm impressed by the support and feel of On trail running shoes. A great starting point for exploring their offerings is the Cloudventure Waterproof. Keep your feet dry, comfortable, and stable with extreme grip. I love that On offers a version of their all-trail running shoes for both men and women.

Saloman Trail Running Shoes

Saloman comes in first for the widest selection of trail running shoes. It’s easy to find the perfect fit. Saloman also offers excellent durability and a strong range of men's and women's sizing options. Though it is too hard to narrow down my favorites, I do enjoy the Saloman Ultra Glide. This shoe is durable, breathable, and grippy. You really can’t go wrong.

La Sportiva Trail Running Shoes

Last but certainly not least is La Sportiva. La Sportiva knows shoes and knows the outdoors well. Ranging from trail running shoes to rock climbing shoes to hiking shoes, they have an option for just about every outdoor activity. (I want to ensure you get accurate results when looking at La Sportiva, so it is important to note they call trail running shoes Mountain Running Shoes.) The Bushido II is an excellent choice for an all-around trail running shoe. The Bushido II comes in two variants, like the Nike trail running shoes. There is a standard everyday version and a harsh condition version. The Bushido II GTX is a great fit for the year-round runner. Snow, ice, and rain don’t stand a chance.

Time To Hit the Trail

Eugene Gear Traders is excited to see where your trail running journey takes you. Regardless of if you go with Nike trail running shoes or another option, I hope this helps you find the right fit for you. Be sure to stop by Eugene Gear Traders and see what they have to offer in gently used consignment wear. Eugene Gear Traders are VERY critical of each and every shoe that meets the shelves. One of their knowledgeable staff members can assist you in your search. It’s worth noting that if you have a previous set of trail running shoes that are in good condition, clean, and a good fit for Eugene Gear Traders store, they would happily consign them. This will get you one step closer to the trail running shoes of your dreams.

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