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Getting the most from your gear

We offer numerous opportunities for you to get the most out of your outdoor equipment. We pride ourselves on being as transparent as possible. Here's a breakdown of our consignment process:​

  • We examine your unwanted, CLEAN and ready-to-use gear.

  • We currently accept in and out-of-season gear. See our home page for the activities we supply for.

  • Bring your gear down to Eugene Gear Traders at 505 Willamette St. in Eugene. 

  • Open a consignment account with us. 

  • You will receive an emailed link to sign up for your consignor portal.

  • We will sort your items upon your arrival and get them out to be sold.

  • The amount you receive is based on the sales price of the item: 

    • 40% for items that sell under $100​

    • 50% for items that sell from $100-$200

    • 60% for items that sell from $200-$300

    • 70% for items that sell over $300

  • You will receive an additional 10% credit while using any portion of your balance in the store. 

  • We are happy to provide a check at anytime for the balance of your account.

Items in Demand
Screen Shot 2022-06-08 at 10.32_edited.jpg

items in high Demand

(We accept winter and summer items year-round)


Eugene Gear Traders Icons-14.png
climbing shoes
Eugene Gear Traders Icons-05.png
SUPs & paddleboards
Eugene Gear Traders Icons-18.png
Eugene Gear Traders Icons-02.png
Eugene Gear Traders Icons-19.png
hiking boots
Eugene Gear Traders Icons-06.png
Eugene Gear Traders Icons-11.png
Eugene Gear Traders Icons-03.png
Eugene Gear Traders Icons-20.png
rain gear


Eugene Gear Traders Icons-47.png
hats, gloves, socks
Eugene Gear Traders Icons-45.png
Eugene Gear Traders Icons-43.png
Eugene Gear Traders Icons-51.png
snow pants
Eugene Gear Traders Icons-49.png
winter boots
Eugene Gear Traders Icons-46.png
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