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Tips For Sizing Snowboard Boots

Before you hit the slopes, having all the right gear is a given. If you're new to snowboarding or a seasoned veteran, understanding sizing for your snowboard boots is crucial. Generally speaking, it's easy to size snowboard boots, but if you need help or a refresher, this article is for you.

Key points:

  • Size

  • Flex

  • Width


Choosing the right size of boots is key to keeping your feet happy on a long day of shredding. When picking out the proper boots, play around with the sizing options. If you are a 10 in regular shoes, you may not be a 10 in snowboard boots. One way snowboard manufacturers have helped with simplifying sizing is Mondo sizing. Mondo sizing refers to the centimeter or millimeter length of the boot. For example, if your foot is 27.5cm, find a boot in that's mondo number is the same.

Key Considerations:

  • They should fit like regular shoes

  • There should be no pressure points

  • There should be minimal heel lift

  • There should be no pressure points

  • Try them on in person if possible


After you've gotten your sizing dialed in, it's time to pick your boot flex. Flex refers to the boot's stiffness and how much give it has. Picking the right flex can impact your ride style and how comfortable you stay on the slopes.

Soft Flex:

Soft flex boots are popular for riders that focus on freestyle riding. The softness of the flex allows for more cushion and give when doing tricks. The same applies to the snowboards freestyle riders use.

Medium Flex:

Medium flex boots are sometimes referred to as "all-mountain boots." All mountain is a broad category, but it includes a small amount of flex to an almost hard flex fit without losing all flex ability.

Minimal Flex:

Little to no flex is popular with riders who need a higher level of responsiveness between boot and board. They are popular among free riders who take on backcountry, powder, or other more technical riding styles.


It is worth mentioning the width as well. In most cases, the width will only be a factor to consider if you have wide feet. Keep in mind that you don't want any pressure points. If you're feeling pressure points, try a wider boot or a bigger size.

Closing thoughts

Being educated before buying a new set of snowboard boots will save you a lot of headache. Even if you feel confident, it is worth consulting your local shop and being 100%. Boots are a significant investment and part of staying out longer on the slopes. Make sure to keep your feet and legs happy.

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