What is consignment?

Climbing gear for hiking on rustic wooden boards
Consignment is an agreement between a consignor (you) and a consignee (Eugene Gear Traders).  Eugene Gear Traders sells your gear and apparel and then pays you a margin of the sale price after the goods have been sold.

How consignment works with Eugene Gear Traders

  • Go through your unwanted, CLEAN and ready to use gear
  • We currently accept in and out of season gear. See our home page for the activities we supply for.
  • Bring your gear down to Eugene Gear Traders at 505 Willamette St. in Eugene 
  • Open a consignment account with us 
  • You will receive an emailed link to sign up for your consignor portal.
  • We will sort your items upon your arrival and get them out to be sold.
  • The amount you receive is based on the sales price of the item 
          40% for items that sell under $100​
          50% for items that sell from $100-$200
          60% for items that sell from $200-$300
          70% for items that sell over $300
  • You will receive an additional 10% credit while using any portion of your balance in the store. 
  • We are happy to provide a check at anytime for the balance of your account.